Our sweet big boy is 6.

Cullen was so excited about today that he came upstairs last night and asked us to go bed 30 minutes early than usual so he could get his ‘last sleep of 5’. Being one of the youngest kids in the class, I think he just couldn’t wait to catch up. He woke up at 6:10, stood over my bed and whisper “Mommy, I’m 6, do I look taller?” Yes, baby, yes you do.


Cullen James,

When you were getting ready for bed last night, Daddy asked you what the best thing you learned were when you were 5 and although ‘aiming better while standing up to tinkle’ is super impressive, I can think of a lot of other things I loved about this year.

Your Daddy deployed two days after your fifth birthday and you handled it like a champ. You were mature and helpful through most of the seven months he was gone. Although it was hard and you missed him terribly, you took on the role as my right hand man and best buddy to your brothers with maturity beyond your years.

You love of sports grew in the past year as well, as many of your uncles say that discussing the latest sports’ news with you is like sitting around the table with their own buddies. You spent the Fall throwing yourself touchdowns and this Spring playing lacrosse in the front yard for hours after school. You also developed a lot little bit  of aggression when you lose or if someone (your brother) doesn’t follow the rules exactly right (No Goal! Bennett was in the crease!). We are working on the fine line between celebrating victory and gloating in it. But overall, we loved watching your adoration of sports (and your skills!) grow.

This school year was amazing. You loved it so much, you were actually sad when it was Saturday. We had your final conference two weeks ago and you surpassed all the benchmarks you were supposed to and Mrs. F— had nothing but good things to say. Tomorrow, you will lead the entire school in morning prayer over the loudspeaker and I can’t wait to hear it.

Your favorite things include:

Your brothers, reading on your own, the color green, Auburn Football, Army Lacrosse, your extended family, French Dip Sandwiches, lacrosse practice, school, math problems, asking questions, laughing at everything, counting coins, being outside and SportsCenter.

We are so proud of you and can’t wait to see what the big Year of Six has in store!


Happy Birthday, my darling!

11 thoughts on “SIX

  1. A very happy birthday! Hope you’re having a blast! You’re a very sweet boy and you seem so much older than 6! Your brothers and parents are sure lucky to have you! Enjoy!


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