Today, our Bennett turns 4. He was born at 12:43am so all day yesterday kept reminding me that he was ALMOST 4 on June 4th, but knows he would turn 4 right when it became June 5th. He asked us over and over again if we were happy he was going to be 4 and as much as I sometimes wish time didn’t pass so quickly, I never want to keep my babies the same age. I pray and pray that they will see each new birthday and have every beginning and experience this wonderful world has to offer.


Bennett Paul,

Happy Birthday my darling boy. The year of 3 was certainly a big one for you. Your Daddy was gone for the first part of it, and while there were some days your when your mood swings and tantrums had me doubting my parenting skills, the second Daddy came home, you flipped a switch. I felt terrible for not realizing just how much missing him left you feeling frustrating and how difficult it was for you to explain or even know that it was affecting you so much. But even between those moments of extreme emotions, you did such a good job being a helper to Mommy and brother to Cullen and Wells.

This year you went to Pre-school 3 days a week and just loved it. You were always disappointed when it wasn’t a school day and can’t wait to go 5 days a week this Fall.

You gave up your paci a few months after your 3rd birthday, which means you also gave up your afternoon nap. It is funny to me now to think that less than a year ago you had both of those things because you seem way to big for them now. After you quit napping, you and I had “Mommy and Bennett” time every day when Wells slept, which usually meant we played monster trucks, cars or sports, but sometimes CandyLand or Guess Who.

You continue to be the most strong-willed and independent little dude I know. You learned to zip, button, get dressed by yourself, ride a bike without training wheels (before Cullen did), you put your own shoes on, buckle your own car seat and pour your own milk. Asking for help is definitely not your thing. You also refuse to back down to an argument and are too smart for your own good sometimes. The other night I asked you to stop kicking in the bath tub and you responded “I am not kicking, I am just moving my legs fast under the water.”

You love sports and have an incredible natural athletic talent. Lacrosse and football are your favorite things to play.

You are not overly affectionate (ie: you wipe kisses off and then wipe your hand on a rug just to make sure it is gone) but you are cuddly. Every night before bed you ask for a back scratch, a back rub and then a big cuddle. As much as sometimes I just wish you would go right to sleep, I know the first night you don’t ask me for those things, I will probably cry.

You are a wonderful, goofy, caring, funny and determined addition to this family. Thank you for being the world’s best big and little brother, making us laugh daily and always being true to your unique self.

We love you so much and can’t wait to celebrate the year of 4!

Happy Birthday Bubs!


14 thoughts on “FOUR

  1. Happy Happy birthday sweet boy! I will always remember meeting you at only 3 months old and seriously can’t believe how grown you are! Hope your day is wonderful!! Miss you bubs!


  2. What a cutie. I love that he doesn’t ask for help. When I read that part, I thought it sounded so much like him, and since I don’t even know him, it shows what a wonderful job you do writing about them! And I love love love that he wipes kisses off. Soooo cute 🙂


  3. Happy Birthday Bennett! What a fun age! I’m totally with you on sometimes wishing the bedtime routine would go faster but know I’ll miss it when it eventually happens!


  4. I just love him! And his independent ways. Taylor is such the opposite. I can’t wait for the day she shows her independence.

    Again, just another benefit of her and B’s arranged marriage.

    Happy birthday, handsome dude!


  5. Happy Birthday Sweet Boy! It seems like yesterday I was reading about your birth (can you believe we’ve been virtual friends that long?!). I love watching you’re beautiful family grow!


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