Well I blinked and today Cullen turns 7.

I woke up early on May 13, 2009 with contractions but also scheduled to go into the hospital for an induction since I was a few days overdue. Kev and I laughed as we headed to the hospital at 6am about how anticlimactic it felt after having my bag packed for weeks and imagining the frenzy of going into labor and rushing out the door.  We spent the next 12 hours watching How I Met Your Mother on DVD and listening to music on the ipod. Finally around 6pm I felt ready to push but my mom had left the room for a bit and I didn’t want to have the baby until she came back. I sent Kev out to call her and realized that I never told her I wanted her in the room with me and she left assuming we wanted privacy. She came rushing back and we were ready to go.

We didn’t find out the gender ahead of time and I was 100% certain that our first born was going to be a girl, mostly because I always wanted boys, or at least to have a boy first so if there was a girl down the road she would have a big brother to look out for her. We called my belly Nora Scott (double name of course…subsequent baby girls would have been Anna Scott) and I had 3 Ralph Lauren dresses hanging in the closet at home.

You can imagine our surprise when after an hour and 15 minutes of pushing and puking the words “It’s a BOY” came ringing into the hospital room.

They took him to clean right away and Kev rushed over to the warmer, turned back to me and proclaimed “He’s perfect! Five fingers! Five toes!” and in an exhausted stupor I respond “But that’s not enough!”

I finally got to hold him a few minutes later and immediately knew the world was a better place because our son Cullen James was in it (all fingers and toes accounted for).

PicMonkey Collage23

{First day of life, One, Two, Three}

Since that day, time has flown by and my love for this child has grown ever day. From his little gorilla crawl, to his trains which eventually turned into his obsession with sports, watching him become a young man has been an honor. He’s handsome and smart, but best of all he is kind and selfless.

PicMonkey Collage cullen

{Four, Five, Six}

A few weeks ago I missed Cullen’s soccer game and the following week more than one mom came over to tell me that at the previous game a kid on the other team got hurt and C was the first one to stop playing and run over to make sure the boy was okay. That is genuinely who he is and I pray so hard that his huge heart remains the same way as he gets older.


Cullen my darling boy,

 You are an amazing big brother and Bennett, Wells and Griffin are blessed to have you paving the way.  You are such a hard worker and talented athlete and we love being on the sidelines as your biggest supporters. You have been recognized at school for exemplifying both prudence and generosity and we hope you continue to live your life using those virtues as your guide.

We love you so much and are so very proud of you every day.

Happy 7th Birthday!

10 thoughts on “SEVEN

  1. Happy Birthday! I feel like he really started looking like the Cullen of today around age 3! Makes me an emotional mama thinking of my 3 year old being 7 one day! Cullen is such an amazing boy and you have lots to be proud of!


  2. Happy Birthday to your Cullen . . .
    I loved reading this post of his birth . . .
    Not only is he the big brother . . . he has that look about him.
    May “prudence and generosity” be his always . . .
    And never lose that smile . . .


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