Today, our Bennett is five years old. So far he’s gotten to wear his very first lacrosse jersey (awarded after his last clinic last night), drink two different kinds of Gatorade and is watching the X games, so pretty much the best and most Bennett-style morning ever.

At a photoshoot yesterday morning I was telling a client who is pregnant with her second child that I can not think of a single more emotionally monumental moment than the moment Bennett was born and I realized the true gift of our capacity to love. I spent most of my pregnancy with him worrying about Cullen and that there was no way we would be able to love someone as much as we did him. But then at 12:43am on June 5th, Bennett came into the world in a push and a half and my heart grew faster than I ever imagined it would. Oh, how much and unbelievably I endlessly loved that tiny human.


{Birth, One, Two}

Since then, B has kept us on our toes: he was our only baby who learned to roll, crawled first, walked first and ran first too. He took his time learning how to talk but when he finally decided he was ready no one was surprised that his first word was ‘ball’.

Bennett is fearless and independent. And while Cullen practices and practices to get his form right, B sets up to the plate and hits the ball on the first try. Two weeks ago he decided one afternoon that he wanted to tie his own shoes, so we worked on it for 45 minutes and I haven’t tied them for him since. He loves the military (specifically special forces missions), anything to do with sports, his brothers, playing with Kev, sitting on my lap and making noise.


{Three, Four}

On the other side of his toughness, he has this special genuine emotion. Bennett won’t give you a courtesy laugh or hug, but because of that when you do get an “I love you” it is because he really, truly means it and when he thinks something is funny his giggle comes from his soul. He is the most nurturing with Griffin and a patient with Wells. He still asks me to cuddle with him every night before bed and while sometimes I just want to get back down stairs, I know I’ll be sad the day he doesn’t ask me to stay.



I can’t believe you are 5 already. You grew and matured so much this year and we are so very proud of you. You loved school and have just started becoming interested in trying to read. You can’t wait to go to Kindergarten, be at school with Cullen and wear a uniform. Your Daddy and I have a feeling that you are going to thrive in Florida and never want to leave the sand and the sun. I love the way you take care of your brothers and that I can see you easily fill the role of teacher and coach for them. I can’t wait to see where life takes you, just please always remember to call your Mom because I have a feeling I am not going to be allowed to know where in the world you are at any given point.

We love you so much Bubs- Happy 5th birthday!


8 thoughts on “FIVE

  1. I seriously cannot even believe he is 5! I will always always remember the day I met him. A sweet newborn at barely 3 months old. Wearing Auburn gear… Duh! We love you bubs and are wishing you a Happy Birthday!!! Can’t wait to see you!! Xoxo


  2. Cue the waterworks! I can’t believe how fast time flies. I feel like I was just reading about you being pregnant with him and anxiously awaiting for the “arrival” post. Happy Birthday, sweet boy! I can’t wait to read about all of your adventures!


  3. Usually, he reminds me SO much of Gracie, but that part about him not giving courtesy laughs or smiles, then really appreciating it when you get them, THAT IS SO LYLA! It’s such a funny part of her.


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