Like many of us Mommas, I recently got into a bit of a style rut and since I spend my days at home with 4 boys, spending a ton of money on my wardrobe, specifically on trendy items, just isn’t practical or financially responsible.

Enter Le Tote

I had seen the advertisements on facebook over and over and one night decided to sign up. I browsed a bit but never ordered a box until one day a few weeks later a coupon came in my email to try my first box for free. I figured it was worth a shot and sent away for it.

Y’all, I was immediately hooked.

With every tote you get to pick out 3 pieces of clothes and two accessories. You wear them for as long as you want, then return them in a prepaid envelope and a few days later receive your next round. You can return and repeat as often as you like or buy items you want to keep.

My first box was still very DC mom (dark, conservative, practical)


but I have been getting more Florida mom (are you going to school pick up or a margarita party?) with each one.

Image-1 (13)

It is a super fun way to try new trends for a night out that would make no sense actually living in my closet. See: flouncy romper and off the shoulder top.

Image-1 (12)

Mostly it just feels good to have something new and fun to wear, even if I am just borrowing it.

If you are interested in giving it a try I have two free boxes to give out and after that a referral code for $25 off your first box. Leave a comment/text/email and I’ll send you the offer because in the wise words of Tom Haverford:

Before you waste your money on something that won’t fit in a month, or fight with your parents over that sick velvet blazer they won’t buy for you – step into Rent-A-Swag.

Happy Renting!

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