Cullen Makes His First Communion

This past Saturday, our oldest son accepted a huge right of passage in our Catholic faith and made the sacrament of First Communion.
He has been preparing all year for this day and while we all shared his excitement, I was not prepared for just how special it would be.
Going through sacrament prep with our boy gave Kev and me a chance to review and renew our faith as we learned along side him the importance of the ritual of communion. Our priest did such a beautiful job speaking to our children and talking to them about the importance of this moment, while also challenging us parents to remember it and appreciate it every week.
We watched as each child went up to receive their first blessed host and then {wince} as they said Amen to the wine as well. When it came to C’s turn my eyes unexpectedly welled with tears as I saw his confidence and maturity. untitled-1-1097

^^^When you ask Grandma to take a picture
A the end of mass, Father Felipe told the children that now they have the gift of hope to carry in their hearts forever. I thought it was such a beautiful way to present the moment and it made my heart feel a little lighter too.
As we left the church, Grandma turned to me and expressed how amazing it was that she got to experience a 4th generation First Communion. Her statement made me realize just how amazing the whole thing is. It is bigger than Cullen. Bigger than just our family… It is a moment that children all over the world, in countless languages have experienced in the same way. It is a moment that Cullen had, and we did, and our parents, and our grandparents, and back and back and back. How incredible is that?
While our kids have unique first names, they all have saint middle names and Cullen’s is James. We got him a St. James medal as his gift from us and he hasn’t taken it off since.  He also told us that it is good that we picked James since he himself is a “really hard worker”.
Finally, I caught this picture when Cullen thanked Grandma for being here to witness his First Holy Communion. A lot of different circumstances prohibited any other family from coming,  but Cullen’s appreciation for his Great Grandma being here shines through in this photo. We couldn’t have been more grateful as well!

We are so very proud of you! I pray that Saint James will watch over you and help you to continue to always work hard. Even more so, I hope the newfound Hope that lives in your heart will stay there forever and help guide you to make good decisions and treat all people with kindness, humility and respect. You are an amazing child and we are forever blessed to be your parents.

Congratulations, my son!


7 thoughts on “Cullen Makes His First Communion

  1. So proud of him and this special moment! What a wonderful weekend and I am so happy his Great Grandma could be there! Sending all our love!


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