Before we finish recapping our vacation, we need to stop and celebrate because today Bennett is SIX!

As I was rereading posts of birthday’s past, I realized that Bennett’s personality has not changed at all. The way I described him at two could basically be updated with his new skills but otherwise stay the same.  And that is one thing I love about Bubs: He has always known exactly who he is.

bennett2{Birth, One, Two}

This was a big year for our second born though, with a move and the start of Kindergarten, it had potential to been a tough one. Instead, this has been his greatest year yet. I mentioned in the post when he turned 5 that I had a feeling Florida and Bennett were going to be a great fit and sure enough that couldn’t have been more accurate.  He learned to read and loves to be challenge with math problems. He played flag football with the big kids, two seasons of basketball and got permission to join Cullen’s lacrosse clinics after a skills assessment (better than all the 7/8 year olds on the field). He continued his love affair with the ocean and swims in our pool daily. He thrived at school and at the end of the year received the award for Best Behavior and was constantly referred to as a role model (despite his pocket knife shenanigans at home).

bennett4{Three, Four}

As we reflected on the life of B yesterday afternoon, Kev said “All I know is his persistence and curiosity is going to get him far”. B loves to tinker and break things down in order to see how they go back together. I actually think that is why he loves to paint. It is the experiment and understanding how the colors fit and mix together to make something that draws him to it.



Last week while at the Everglades, we let the kids get something from the gift shop and while everyone else picked a snack, B chose a survival tool complete with compass, temperature gauge, whistle, flashlight and magnifying glass. Total Bennett move.


Bennett Paul,

You surprise me every day. I think that is the unique thing about your personality. You can go from strumming on the guitar, to tackling your brother, to playing trains with Wells, to sitting on the tool bench examining a broken toy, to shooting a basketball, to curling up on my lap in a matter of minutes. You still are not openly affectionate but we have learned as you get older that you have a wonderful judge of character and the people you are drawn to are the very best. You still ask me to scratch and rub your back every night (and I always say yes). You are calm and gentle with Griffin and Wells and  you and C continue to spend more time with each other than anyone else. Your favorite time of day is when Daddy gets home from work and can play ‘pickle’ with you guys. Nothing makes you giggle harder than sports bloopers (bonus if it is a baseball to the crotch). 

We are so proud of you and the hard working young man you are. You are brave, smart, strong and always full of ideas. I hope you always remain as true to yourself as you have done in your short life so far. We love you so very much and can’t wait to see what happens in the Year of Six. 

Happy Birthday Bubs!

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