Today, the young man who made me a mother is 9.


I wrote not too long ago about Cullen getting big, but that post seems like nothing to where we are now. My darling boy is so far away from a baby, I feel like if I close my eyes for too long, he will be off to college (speaking of, in another 9 years, he will be off to college).


{Birth, OneTwoThreeFourFiveSixSeven}

The other night he fell asleep in our room and when I went to move him back to his own bed, realized I couldn’t. He is now only 6 inches shorter than me and my frame can no longer carry his size and weight. Of course, that doesn’t mean that I don’t carry him with me always – it is just now very officially in a new way.



For birthdays past, I have always shared my interpretation of the boys’ personalities but at Cullen’s age, we have reached a threshold where it is no longer my story to tell. So in his own words, here is Cullen James at this moment:


Favorite Food: Pasta Carbonara

Favorite Subject at School: Math, but does PE count?

What you like to do in your free time: Read

Favorite book: Oh man, that is too hard, next question

Favorite TV show: How to Train Your Dragon, the Series

 Favorite Family Activity: Going to the beach

What makes you happy: Playing and watching sports

Favorite sport to play: Soccer, lacrosse, football… Am I really supposed to pick one?

What do you want to be when you grow up: Any sports major league player

College you want to go to: Where ever I can get a D1 sports scholarship…except for Navy or Alabama. I would never do that.

Favorite part of the day: After school

Favorite memory of the past year: Going to Virginia for Christmas

Favorite thing about your home: My Family

What makes you laugh: Epic Fails on Youtube

Place you want to go: Germany

Something you do really well: Sports

Something you need to work on: I’ll think about it

Describe yourself: Athletic, unselfish, smart

Best thing about your life: God watching over me


(I’ll let you dictate the details of your personality right now, but that doesn’t get you out of your annual letter from your mom.)


My dear, I am so proud of you. I can’t think of another way to start your 9th year other than telling you that. I love watching you grow into the amazing young man that you are. We tackled a lot of ground this year, from finding out that girls “like you”, to playing soccer again, establishing new levels of responsibility and independence, and a mom-moment I have been waiting for: watching you play lacrosse.

This year, you continued to be kind, curious and smart. You excelled at school, making straight A’s and accepting the challenge of taking on enrichment math and critical thinking classes. This is the first year that “what the other kids have” came up a lot in our home and you have handled our “but it is not for you” with a level a grace I commend. We love you and want you to have endless opportunities, but please know that when we don’t cave on certain things it is because we have your unique best interest in mind. Don’t forget to always think twice before using, or allowing others to use, ugly words towards another person. Thank you for being kind and patient with your brothers.

I respect your honesty and transparency with Daddy and me and hope that you will always want to tell us all the things. As a reminder, no matter what, you can never, ever, ever get in trouble for asking a question.

 I know this coming up move is a little tough for you because you are happy with your school and have such amazing friends, but I promise there are kids waiting on the other end with open arms for your return. You are the special kind of child who will thrive where ever he is planted.

My darling boy,

You are an amazingly bright light in our lives. I thank God every day that he gave me the gift of you and I have the honor to be your mother.

Happy 9th Birthday, my son.


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