Bennett turns 7

Today, our Bennett is 7. Seven!

Admittedly, I second-guessed myself when his birthday came around because I thought for sure he wasn’t already seven years old. But yes, yes he is.



It was a great year for our darling Bubs, from continuing to thrive at school to finally losing that coveted first tooth, he grew physically and emotionally and finally admitted to us that he has friends in his class (3 of them, but that a big leap from saying he talks to no one!). However, despite his desire to socialize, he is a role model and quiet leader by example. One of my favorite Bennett stories from this year was one day when I volunteered at lunchtime, he came over to give me a hug and when I walked him back to the table, more than half of his class was standing waiting to see where he was going to sit. He didn’t notice this at all and I laughed as he picked an empty chair and a swarm of kids rushed to sit next to him. I asked later that day if that is something that happens often and he shrugged his shoulders and responded: “Yea, mostly because my table always gets extra points because I actually remember to follow directions.” Classic.


Bennett continues to be a stellar athlete, this year playing soccer, basketball, lacrosse and soccer again. While there were several games when he scored most of his teams’ points, I was happy to hear from all his coaches that despite his natural ability to be at the right place at the right time, he took challenges to run a specific play, pass to a certain teammate or to try a new position in stride. Given the option to do anything, B would choose to load up the car with various sports equipment and spend the day on an open field.


{Five, Six}


Happy Birthday my big boy! I can’t believe you are another year older and wiser, and more mischievous than ever. Your smirk is one of my favorite things about you and I am glad we share the same sense of humor. You had such a great year: you scored above average on all your testing, became a fluent reader, continued to love math. While you were sad to leave Nativity and your sweet friends and teachers, I know you will do great at your new school. You are such a wonderful brother and admire your special relationships with Cullen, Bennett and Griffin. Stay curious always; we love watching the wheels turn in your brain and the way you take action on all of your plans. Thank you for being such a great role model, for your sweet snuggles and your inquisitive mind. We are so very proud of the confident and unique kid that you are.  I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for you!

We love you so so much!


Happy Birthday, Bennett!

7 thoughts on “Bennett turns 7

  1. Love that boy!!!! Such a special one, though all of yours are in their own way! Love it so much! There are so many similarities you have mentioned that are so much Charli {things that have happened during school now that she is in it}! Wishing him the happiest seventh birthday!!! I know it will be special!! Xoxo


  2. Happy Birthday Bennett . . .
    Wish I could watch you play soccer, lacrosse and more . . .
    Keep the “zing” in your energy . . . and keep that great kid role model too . . .
    Hope you enjoyed a really great birthday!


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