We Made It!

For the past… oh I don’t know, 9 and a half years, traveling has always been a challenge. We love to get away, which you know if you have read this blog over time, but it always involves creative solutions and a load of stress. Lugging all our stuff into where ever we are staying: pack n play, strollers, coolers, suitcase, toys – while also trying not to lose scattering children has sent us into a tizzy in more than one lobby. We’ve barrel rolled into bathrooms in attempts to not wake a sleeping baby tucked away under the sink, laid silently in queen beds between kids at 7:30pm in the dark praying they would fall asleep so we could sneak onto the balcony for a glass of wine. We’ve played rock paper scissors over who has to miss fun in order to sit in a room during naptime while a babe snoozed under a makeshift tent in a corner. We’ve stumbled through the lobby at 6am trying to find open coffee shops because once one of them wakes up, the whole crew is ready to go. And we’ve often left a little vacation appreciating the new memories made, but not always feeling like it was an actual vacation.

But guess what?? We went on a spontaneous night away on Sunday and Griffin skipped his nap and was just fine. We didn’t bring a stroller – everyone used their very own legs. The boys carried their own suitcases to the room. When we were at the water park and Bennett wanted to change his shirt, I just gave him the key and he went on his own to get it. The boys went to bed at 9, in their beds (no pack n play in the closet!) then woke up in the morning, turned on the TV, got doughnuts from the snack bag and for a solid hour we are pretty sure they forgot we were sleeping in the loft upstairs.

Y’all – we made it! Glory Days Ahead!


Things have been so crazy since we moved, we really needed to take a little break just the 6 of us to reconnect so left early Sunday morning for 24 hours in Williamsburg. It was the most perfect fall weather and we spent the afternoon walking around the historic settlement.



^^^Griff loved the horses and got so excited every time they came trotting by.






^^^Nothing beats the beauty of autumn. I missed this sight so much when we lived in Flordia!





^^^Bennett, always wandering and wondering


^^^The boy’s took turned standing on a platform giving speeches in their best colonial accents. Griffin’s was “I’s Diffin! I’s a Dinosaur!” Bennett’s was “Yo, what up Mate.” which threw us all into a fit of giggles.


^^^We spurged on the hotel for the night, so didn’t pay for tickets to the historic sites. There was still plenty to see and do for free, like watching this guy shoot his musket. Pretty sure B wants to add that to his lotto list now.





After that, we surprised the kids by checking into Great Wolf Lodge for a night and I didn’t take a single picture. I just enjoyed being present with my family – even went down a waterslide, playing at the arcade, watching them have the best time with each other and relishing in the freedom of an easy hotel stay (that extra hour of sleep in the morning while they entertained themselves was pretty great too).

Thank you, my darling family, for a wonderful quick trip. I am so lucky to be chosen to be your momma. We made it!


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