Bennett Makes His First Communion

Over the weekend, our Bennett had the privilege to make his First Holy Communion in our Catholic Church. He has been prepping all year at school, attended his retreat, made his First Reconciliation (and two more after that!), practiced at home, asked a lot of questions and then finally the big day was here!

For as tough and strong as B is, he has always also had a very quiet and reverent side. He takes things, especially things rooted deep in tradition, very seriously and First Communion was no exception.

While excited and confident about receiving the host, B unfortunately got a little nervous and didn’t make it down the procession line with his classmates with the whole church looking on. His sweet teacher was able to sneak him around the side and into his spot and we all waited anxiously to see him make it to the alter when it was time. At that moment, he stood tall, said Amen and walked away with the biggest smile on his face. Way to go B!

We all appreciated the reminder from Father O’Hare to carry this special pure love in our hearts for ever and were so happy to share in that moment with Bennett.

Thanks all who were there to be part of this moment with him and for all the prayers and well wishes from family he got all day long!


We are so proud of you! You really have blossomed this year and are finding your path in life. A few months ago, you were awarded the monthly virtue award for Honesty at a school assembly and Mrs. M noted the way you are sincere in all that you do. I think that is such a beautiful way to capture your personality. Because of that too, we know for you this day wasn’t just because you “had to” but something you really truly wanted. We pray that you will take that sincerity, and gift of Christ’s love, and continue to apply it to all the facets of your life: in your friendships, on the field, with your family and in the classroom. We love you so much and are so honored to be at your side as you grow.

May God continue to bless you and watch over you always.

Congrats Bennett Paul!

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