At 6:30 this morning our Bennett woke up and said “Mom! I’ve been eight for 5 hours and 48 minutes already!” And he was right, as he came screaming into the world in the very early morning of June 5th, 20011. A little about our Bubs in his own words:

Favorite food: Meatball Subs

Favorite color: Light blue and black

Favorite book: I don’t know… what did Cullen say?

Favorite thing to do: Play


What makes you laugh: Chunky Cheese (???)

Subject: PE

Good at: Sports

Need to work on: Sports


Place you want to go: That place in Canada that has all the outdoor ice skating places

Best part of the day: When we get out of school

Favorite Song/Band: Fat Rat

TV Show: The Who Was Show and Dude Perfect

{FiveSix, Seven}

Makes you happy: My brothers and my family

When you grow up you will be: A professional lacrosse player

Describe yourself: Funny, Athletic, Smart

Bennett, my son,

You are awesome. Really, you are such a special kid. I have loved so much watching you grow this year because you have really come into your own. You’ve always been very confident in who you are, but I feel like this year you were so open to letting people into your world. You continue to amaze us with your curiosity and ingenuity, your jokes and silliness keep the whole family laughing, and you have worked so hard in second grade. I love that you said you are good at sports, and that you need to work on them, because that sums up your personality so well. You never stop wanting to be better at whatever you are doing and we admire your self-motivation and determination.

You lost your two front teeth recently and after so many years of being used to the little chipped triangle, I can’t wait to see what your grown up smile looks like as those adult teeth make their way down! You are so uniquely sweet and strong, athletic and creative, confident and nervous, silly and serious, all at the same time. And for the record, have not yet stopped asking me to rub and scratch your back every night before bed.

Dream big my darling boy – there is no stopping you! We love you to the moon and back and around again.

Happy 8th Birthday Bubs!

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