Seriously, Here.

Remember my last post with that word that was randomly selected as our word for 2020? Here? Well, turns out that word was even more appropriate than I thought as we are here, at home, for the forseeable future.


Like many of you, our world has shifted in the past 3+ weeks and because we are okay (jobs, food supply, health – all fine), I have had trouble coming back to the blog to write about the current situation when there are so many people truly suffering. But at the same time, I feel like Covid-19 is going to be a defining moment of our boys’ childhoods and I want them to be able to answer the question “Where were you when…”.

So boys – here it went for us:

The last day, until yesterday when I finally felt like we got our feet back under us, that I wrote a daily to-do list in my planner was March 11.

Our renters had moved out of our house the week before and during that week we had a slew of contractors in our owned-home painting and replacing carpets. Meanwhile, I was bringing our on-base house over box by box during the daily runs to school.

On March 13th, the boys had a half day pre-planned on the calendar. Kev loaded them up in the car as usual to head to school and I opened my email to knock some work out before we started packing up the rest of the house. I was shocked to see that school had been called for that day, with an email sent in the very early morning hours, and ran out to catch them before they pulled out the drive.

We moved as much as we could that day with the boys in tow, while receiving emails that our coming weeks would be disrupted as well: basketball and lacrosse were both cancelled and school would be having a drop-in on Monday to pick up textbooks to start distance-learning through spring break as the doors would be closing until then.

We continued with a long-set plan for my in-laws to take the boys Sunday-Monday in order to help us finish moving and aside from a handful of items that I quite literally couldn’t lift, Kev and I moved our entire house (Thanks to our friends Aaron and Jake and my brother Tommy for lending their muscles when mine failed!). We had until Wednesday (3/18) to clear our post house but I was starting to get worried about all news so we busted it Monday morning while the kids were gone to wrap up getting everything out of our base housing and officially turn in our key and be done with that.

Later that afternoon, Marme offered to take the kids to the farm to we could continue to unpack, but restrictions seemed to be changing by the minute and our school had gone from “come in to get your books” to curb-side pick up. I knew I needed us all under one roof to figure out what this was going to look like, so we got the kids back and prepped for Day-1 of new normal (3/17).

So what has it looked like?

*Since 3/16 the boys and I have been doing our part and have only left the house/yard/neighborhood for some very socially distant adventures.

(For the family history book: On Monday 3/27 VA issued official stay-at-home orders until June 10th – the walks we did even prior to the order fit within the current boundaries of it.)

*We are blessed and cursed that the boys have embraced their distance learning (it was announced on 3/23 that they would not return to the school building at all this year). They are eager to get to work everyday but when we are short on devices and they all want to get to work before I’ve had coffee and/or a chance to review how the hell they are learning math now, it is not always pretty.

However, their teachers and the entire school staff have been doing the very best they can providing lesson plans and resources and for that, we are very grateful!

*Managing our own schedule with them home and needy all the time (I interrupted a conference call to let my team know one of my kids was naked running through the living room), making sure they get their work done and submitted to be graded, keeping track of the specials assignments and apps and logins and tools platforms, while remembering that Griffin should learn things, and also being honest with them but not freaking them out about why life shifted so quickly is one serious juggling act.

*They loved living on post and we assured them when we moved they would be able invite their friends over, plus hang out with school friends they could never have over because of the gates. While they have been able to be outside near some kids who live in walking distance, they haven’t been able to see their friends from post or arrange other play with school friends and that has been hard since we talked it up so much before the move.

*Cullen and Bennett both made the “A” team for lacrosse as the youngest members in both their age groups. They were both so sad to find out their season was cancelled. (Home practice still going very strong.)

*Wells misses his friends and struggles to get his work done during the day. He thrives on structure and while we have tried to introduce some, it is really difficult when being pulled in 8983 directions.

*Griffin still doesn’t understand what is going on. On Monday, he woke up and asked if it was a school day, then if they boys were home too, then if it was nice out and after I answered “no, yes, yes” he responded “Oh so NOW its spring break and we can go to the beach!” I told him we still can’t go and he pulled the covers over his head and exclaimed “I’M SO FRUSTRATED!”

Despite the chaos and new unchartered territory, we have also been able to use all that time Here to play family games, watch movies, be grateful for our backyard and basement, facetime with classmates and family, and take a deep breath to truly be there for each other (and by limiting our interactions, doing what is safest for our entire community).

So that is the story of how Corona-life began for us.


At the end of the day we also realize that our “biggest” problems are in fact very small and for that we are very incredibly lucky. We are constantly praying for all those severely affected and always looking for ways to help.

With that said, if you are in the NOVA area and need anything – please reach out!

Also if you have any favorite organizations or causes to donate to or other ways to help those in need, please share in the comments so we can all pitch in where we can.

I hope you and your families are safe and healthy, and are also adjusting to your newest normal.

Stay well, friends.

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