Somehow that title is true: today, our Cullen is 11.

And as we’ve done the past few years we interviewed Cullen about his life right now, but this time you will see a few editorial additions from me because it has been such a big year there are just a few things I need to slide in and comment on too.


Favorite Food: Beef Bourguignon

(We had a Paris day over spring break and I made this for the first time. If we are insta-friends, then you already know that he changed into a button up shirt for dinner when he saw I set the table fancy and I about cried.)

Color: Navy Blue

Subject: Math

Biggest Accomplishment: Making the A Team for Lacrosse and improving my left hand skills

(C worked so, so hard in the off season and was one of only two 5th graders who made the U12 A team for our lacrosse program. He was so excited about the challenge of playing up with the 6th graders and after only one scrimmage, the season was cancelled – a huge bummer to our guy.)

{Birth, OneTwoThreeFourFiveSix, Seven}

Best Friend: I still just have a lot of friends and don’t want to choose one person. But I am really glad for all the friends I have.

Best Part of the Day: I don’t know… I guess like noon?

TV Show: The Middle or Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives

(C is so sweet about pretending to go to bed when the other boys do, but then he either reads until he falls asleep, or comes back downstairs and we watch one of these shows together.)

Favorite Song: There are a lot, but my newest favorite is Love by We are Messengers

Favorite Activity: Playing lacrosse

Book: Hunger Games Series or all the Harry Potters

(Another thing recently posted on insta: C picked HP back up during social distancing and I loved getting to relive the stories with him!)

{EightNine, Ten}

Makes you laugh: Griffin

Good at: Sports

Dream college: UNC

(He claims he will forever be an Army and Auburn fan though.)

When you grow up you want to be: Professional sports player

In my free time I: Read

(Don’t ever stop reading!)

Best memory of being 10: Going to Iceland, and playing outside at our old house with everyone

(If you missed our special trip with just him to Iceland last fall, you can click here, here, here or here… And when he answered about his friends on post it reminded me how much I really need to get to writing about what life was like for them before we moved 2 months ago.)

What makes you happy: My family

Best part of this weird corona-life: School being so short

When the virus is done I want to: See my friends and go to the beach

Describe yourself: Smart, Athletic, Kind


Cullen James,

I can’t believe you are 11 years old. I can hardly remember a world without you in it, but also it seems like just yesterday we found out we were going to have the privilege of being your parents.

You are such a good kid: disciplined, encouraging, a leader, a good sport and someone who is always looking out for others. A big thing for your character this year was as sports got more competitive, you never treated an opponent, coach or referee with attitude, but always with class (and most often with a smile) – your natural talent combined with your respect for the game will take you far.

You continued to flourish in school even in the unexpected turn of e-learning. You are the first one up and ready to knock your assignments out and I appreciate how motivated you have stayed as your normal routine was rocked with very little notice.

We love listening to music with you, talking about the books we’ve read, playing sports, trying new foods, laughing together, watching you nurture your younger brothers, and working on hitting that upper corner of the lacrosse goal every time.

We love you so very much. Happy Birthday, my darling!

4 thoughts on “ELEVEN

  1. Love your Birthday Posts . . .
    and I especially enjoy Cullen’s because it was when I was
    first meeting your mom through our
    Knit One, Raised Four and Irish Garden House.
    I remember pictures of your mom visiting in California, (I think)
    and then reading about the home you grew up in.
    (And I wanted to know and hopefully meet that gal JOAN.)

    Sorry . . . I got off track.
    So since that time I have really fallen in love with Cullen
    I like everything about him, his love of LaCrosse, his big brother persona, his kindness,
    he is such a “good kid!” I really like, that he loves to read.
    Happy Birthday Cullen and Happy Birthday mom and dad.
    He is a testimony of you two as well . . .


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