Last night around 11:30 Bennett woke up, crawled into my bed, woke me up by putting his head on my shoulder and asked “Is it okay if we talk until I turn 9?” And since no mom can say no to that, we set my phone alarm for 12am and chatted away about life until the bell sounded and I wished him a Happy Birthday. In return, he squeezed me goodnight and asked “Can we make this a tradition?”

Of course, Bubs, forever and ever.


And now, an interview with our nine year old:

Favorite food: Filet Mignon

(Ordered it for the first time during our Homestead trip earlier this year and wondered why the steak we eat at home did not taste that way.)

Color: Blue

Subject: PE and definitely not when we had to read War with Grandpa


Biggest Accomplishment: Making the A team for lacrosse…even though we didn’t get to play any games.

(Like C, he worked so hard in the preseason and was the only 3rd grader to make the U10 team before the season was canceled)

Best Part of the day: The morning because it is nice and bright

Song: I like a lot of songs, going to have to think about it some more

TV Show: Mickey Mouse shorts and really nothing else because Wells is always watching TV

Movie: I guess Cars because we watched it yesterday. But also all the sports movies.


Favorite Activity: Playing lacrosse

Book: I don’t know

What makes you laugh: My cousins

Good at: Lacrosse/all sports

What do you want to be when you grow up: Nascar Driver or any sports player

(Never heard him aspire to be a Nascar driver before, guess that’s what happens when the rest of live sports are gone!)

{FiveSixSeven, Eight}

Best memory of the year: Being free on post

(Still need to write about that…)

What makes you happy: Playing with my friends

Best part of this weird corona-life: Sleeping in

When the virus is over I want to: See my friends

Describe yourself: Funny, Smart, Athletic


You are one amazing kid! I feel like this year you matured so much and sometimes talking with you is like having a conversation with another adult. You are thoughtful and cautious with your words and questions and so interested in so many things. We have a little joke that you sure know a little bit about a whole lot. You love to dabble in all kinds of different things from the guitar, to learning French, cooking, driving, drawing, building, piano, bracelet making – you always seem to have a new hobby you are willing to give a try.

But then there are the things you are really good at: you are a natural athlete and driver of all motorized things. You are a nurturer and while always have been the baby whisper are now so good with kids you’ve repeatedly been hired to be a mother’s helper to quarantined toddler cousins. You are innovative and always brainstorming ways to start businesses I can’t wait to see where you end up.

You are such a special kid: loving, funny, inquisitive, sarcastic, strong, gentle, confident, sweet, thoughtful, hard-working, and always learning.

We love you so much and are so grateful that we get to be your parents.

Happy Birthday, Bubs! We love you so very much!

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