What happened to the Dragons

{Asked while G was in the bath playing with all his dragon toys}

Hey Griffin, what happened to the dragons?

You don’t even know this?? So here’s what happened: You know how birds are ancestors to dinosaurs? Well, when some of the big dinosaurs went extinct but the pteranodons and pterosaurs were still flying, they kinda evolved into big super flying dinosaurs that weren’t like today’s birds but were like a hybrid dino/bird with the same kind of skeleton. But then there was a time after the dinosaurs went extinct but before the Ice Age happened and I am pretty sure thats when the dragons lived. They were able to escape the astroid because they could fly and then hide in caves, like the one you found in Iceland, but then they realized they didn’t like hiding so they flew away to other places where they found out there were humans. Some found castles and others decided to live with Vikings. Heroes really liked to have a dragon sidekick because they were cooler than a horse. But then time kept going and animals are always evolving and I think the dragons were just too scary for the people so they eventually either became regular like birds, or super cool birds like bald eagles, or they lost their wings and became hippos or elephants or rhinos. And that’s why we can’t see a real life dragon today.

Does that answer your question?


(And writing this down reminded me of a throw back story to Cullen at age 3 telling me what happened to the dinosaurs – Love their little brains)

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