A Day in the Life: Virtual School Edition

It has been several years since I shared a day in our life but with the end of the COVID school year on the horizon and the plan for August for them to be in full time 5 days a week, I just wanted to make sure I documented what these days were like for the family history book. I’ve started and stopped this post so many times, the pictures aren’t all from the exact same day, but still capture what our daily virtue routine is like.


We start, as we always do, with pipping hot black coffee.

Since we moved back into our house last spring that is closer to everything and we no longer have kids who wake us up, but rather we have to kick them out of bed, the alarm goes off around 6:30 for me. Kev is already up and out for a run so I check email and the kids’ zoom schedules for the day (Spoiler alert: Between the 3 boys it looks something like this: 8:15, 8:25, 8:45, 9:40, 10:05, 10:30, 11:15, 12:05, 12:30, 1:15, 1:45, 2:00). When Kev gets back we have coffee together and talk about the day’s coming events, then he goes to get ready for work. In our COVID world, he was home for those original two weeks back last March and but then went back into the office like normal over a year ago.

The big boys come down one by one and grab a breakfast snack and zone out to the TV for a bit. We are on a hybrid schedule and have been since the beginning of the year so the boys are in-person every other day. While they relax, I get dressed and while I ventured into the bright colors of Florida for a hot second, I’m back to my staple black/navy/olive green/gray DC wardrobe (and really need to clean my mirror).

(Before recording the rest of our day, I have to stop here to commend their teachers for the amazing way they have balanced it all. We know the teachers are working in overdrive and have been super grateful for a fluid and healthy school year so far!)

At 8:15 the first round of zooms start and the boys have to be separated for the beginning part of the day or else they will get cranky with the competing noise (I’ve offered headphones, but apparently they are very annoying). Cullen works completely independently, Wells is completely co-dependent and has to be right next to me to ensure that he is being neat and following directions, and Bennett hid his guitar in his lap when I snapped this picture as if I couldn’t hear rifts of Free Bird from coming from his room with the door shut when he was supposed to be watching a history lesson. Virtual School!

Once the big boys are engaged in their classes, it is time to wake up Griffin. Bless him, we are so busy in the evenings he just rolls along with the crew and goes to bed much later than a 5 year old should so the extra time in the morning to catch up on z’s is much needed. He also gets a little TV time and then is off to school. His preschool opened way back last summer and has not had to shut down at all this year, so again, very thankful for that. He goes only in the mornings but 5 days a week so that definitely makes things a little easier for managing the boys’ and my schedule.

Back at home, once I am sure all the big boys are focused in their zooms, I sign into my work and check on things and see what is on my plate for the day. I actually think the last time I shared “a day in the life” I had just gotten my new job, but here we are 4.5 years and a lot of hours later with the same company. I only work part-time but the flexibility to use my brain outside of mothering and extra money for tuition has been such a blessing.

Marketing with a side of 4th grade math

We have a full morning zooming, social media sourcing, slacking, snacking and laundry (Team Do Laundry Every Day), and by the time I need to leave to get G, the boys take a break with some Madden and lacrosse drills.

When I get back from pick up, we eat lunch then break back out for afternoon zooms and a conference call for me. G gets in on the zoom action too – Thanks to virtual school, I think everyone will know who he is come next year when he is in the building for Kindergarten!

Once our school day is wrapped up, there is a little wrestling and a trip to the library.

Afterwards, I drop them off in the woods near our house where they love to hang out and build forts with their friends, while I go back home to check a few more messages, straighten up, prep dinner, and get ready for a full slate of lacrosse practices that night.

After losing lacrosse last spring, we couldn’t be more delighted for the boys to be able to play again this year. However, because we are involved in several leagues, it does make for a rather crazy schedule; we have something (and often multiple somethings) every day of the week. This particular day we have B’s practice (which Kev is the coach for) from 5:30 – 7, Wells from 6-7 and Cullen 6:30-8. We get everyone where they need to be in time and have a rotating dinner in between shifts.

(Also big shout out to our programs and teams for getting safely up and running. The boys are so much happier with sports in their life!)

After practice is showers, a show, backpack packing for the next day in-person, a little dessert and any homework we need to catch up on.

Then, because it was a late practice night, around 9pm we finally rally everyone upstairs for bedtime. There is some Daddy-dentist, short story time, prayers, and light’s out. (Although Cullen can stay up a later and watch sports for a bit or reads. Wells is often caught using the hallway light to read too, but I’ll still call it bedtime).

Kev and I do one last sweep of the house, and I switch the laundry and prep school lunches for the next day, wrap up anything I didn’t get to from my work day, while he answers emails from his college business analytics class that he teaches (because that is also happening in his “free” time). We finally crash on the couch, have a conversation about our own days, watch a mindless show and are in bed by 11:00 – feeling appreciative for all the extra time I’ve had with the boys this year, but also grateful they will be in-person tomorrow.

Love you, boys – thanks for being such good students during the COVID adventure!

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