Beach without Kids/Beach with Kids

Since I finally got around to adding pictures to our Easter story, figured we could stick with playing catch up and share a little trip Kev and I got to go on a few weeks ago, and our mini-spring break adventure.


Kev’s 40th birthday was at the beginning of April and for years we planned to go on a big adults only trip to celebrate. However, as the time got closer, even with travel and countries opening back up, we (I) were just too nervous that we would go away to a resort and get stuck in quarantine. So we looked around at heading down to Florida, Charleston or Savannah but since we still want to do longer big trip for down the road, we opted to save on travel time and do a quick weekend in VA Beach.

Because of various circumstances, it had actually been more than 4 years since we spent more than one night away kidless so getting a whole weekend (especially after this year) was such a treat. As I shared in our Day in the Life, Kev is gone all day and then we often have to split up at night and on the weekends to get the boys to all the things. Our personal time together is pretty limited to morning coffee and post-kid-bedtime chat so 3 days of just talking to each other was incredibly refreshing.

We lucked out with absolutely gorgeous and unseasonably warm weather were able to visit a brewery on the way down, sit by the beach, have several ridiculous meals, went on a bourbon tasting tour and enjoyed the ambiance of The Cavalier Hotel where we stayed.

I even took a nap. Yep, actually turned my brain off and just slept in the sun. It was amazing.

At home we were incredibly grateful for Marme, and then Nana and Pop for holding down the fort. We so lucky to have such generous grandparents to pitch in and give us a little break. (And even better, the boys enjoy the extra time with them too!)

Hopefully next year we will have more flexibility to head to the Carribean but for now, truly appreciated the time together and chance to do something different. Thanks Nana, Pop and Marme for helping us make it happen!


After this trip, we followed up with the Easter weekend at the farm, and then left that Sunday for the other playground we are super happy we have access to – Nana and Pop’s beach condo! Starting last November, our school had a rule in place where if we traveled out of state the boys would have be be all virtual for a certain amount of time before they could come back in building, but shortly before this break, that rule was lifted so we were off!

We stopped on the way down to visit Uncle Mike, Aunt Cassie and Baby Luke and took one kinda terrible picture. But we enjoyed catching up, playing cornhole, watching Luke’s new crawling skills and having some gourmet steaks for dinner. Thanks for having us!

Then we kept going and got to Emerald Isle just in time for the boys to jump in the pool for a night swim before it closed.

A couple of years ago, I wrote that “We made it” when it came to vacationing, but little did I know that where we are right now is the real dream. All 4 being able to swim without assistance? Can go to the beach ahead of us and carry all their own stuff? No coming back up for naps or diaper changes? And they are older enough to get my jokes and dry sense of humor? We’ve really, really made it.

It was such an easy and relaxing trip: lots of time in the sun and sand, some crazy boys (and a man) who went into the freezing cold ocean, beach games, board games, an outing to the aquarium and out to lunch for Kev’s actual birthday, and a random marathon of all the High School Musical movies which we had never seen. The boys are such fun ages right now – I just want to soak it all up (and also, forget to get in my own vacation pics).

My favorite part, however, was surprising Kev with a 45 minute long video from compiled of messages from friends and family far and wide wishing him a happy birthday. We know how amazing he is, but hearing from so many people how he has impacted and enriched their lives was so special to all of us (great parenting Nana and Pop!). It was funny, sentimental and heartwarming and the perfect way to end a great few days!

And now reminiscing on both these trip has put me in a great mood for the weekend.

Love you, my little family!

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