Wells Makes His First Communion

Over the weekend our Wells made a big step in his faith by making his First Holy Communion! I’ve loved this sacrament for the boys, as it is their first opportunity to really be part of the process and prepare in their own way to accept God’s love for them. Wells worked hard all year learning more about the Eucharist, making his First Confession, and attending his retreat at school with his classmates.

So when Saturday rolled around, he was more than ready (and we made a deal that he could keep growing his hair out, as long as I could use gel for this moment – look how dapper he looks!).

We were so blessed to have his great-grandma, grandparents, and godparents (including his Godmother, Kate, who *just* moved here last week from Kentucky and could make it!) in attendance, and know that one very special Papa was watching over him as he was chosen to read the Psalm to the congregation during the Mass.

Back when Cullen made his First Communion I wrote that:

As we left the church, Grandma turned to me and expressed how amazing it was that she got to experience a 4th generation First Communion. Her statement made me realize just how amazing the whole thing is. It is bigger than our son. Bigger than just our family… It is a moment that children all over the world, in countless languages have experienced in the same way. It is a moment that he had, and we did, and our parents, and our grandparents, and back and back and back. How incredible is that?”

And as we left Wells’ mass I reflected on that moment and said a prayer of thanks for the chance to have it again for the third time with one of our children because I still think it is pretty amazing that this tradition lives on.


We are so proud of you! You are such a unique, free spirited and amazing kid. You took your First Communion prep so seriously and I think one of my favorite parts of the day was Marme said she saw you silent clap each one of your friends as they walked by after receiving the host. You find so much joy in other people’s happiness and I pray that you will always find energy in that. We love you so much and are so happy you accepted this gift and will continue to grow in God’s love and light.

We love you so, so much and are so lucky to be able to walk this path with you as you grow!

Congrats Wells – May God bless and watch over you always!

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