Bennett has gone and turned double digits on us today. Ten! I can’t believe it.

A few things from his point of view:

Favorite food: Filet Min- Duck (his own creation that we have yet to make, but planning on it tomorrow!)

Favorite color: Light blue

Favorite thing to do: Definitely not Wordly Wise. Lacrosse, duh.

Biggest accomplishment of 9: I finished all my Wordly Wises

Favorite subject: PE

What makes you laugh? Myself and the Dragon from Raya and the Last Dragon (we just watched it last night, she was very funny.)

What are makes you happy? My guitar

Favorite Song: I like a lot of music

Dream college: UNC

Dream job: Lacrosse player or a rock star

Eight Nine

Best Memory from the past year: Club Lacrosse

Choose three words to best describe yourself: (With a fit of giggles) I’m Hilarious, Perfectly Handsome and Fascinating


Bubby, my darling boy,

I honestly can’t believe it has been ten years since we welcomed you into the world. I’ve told you before, but all anyone’s births yours was the most emotional because it revealed just how deep our capacity was to love another human. You have enriched our family so much and I am forever grateful for the gift that is you.

One of my most favorite things about you is that you have always been so confident in who you are.

You definitely don’t limit yourself to being in one box and at any moment you could be ripping shots on the lacrosse goal, or looking up recipes to bake a cake, or mixing oil paints to create a masterpiece or jamming to classic rock songs on your guitar. Your favorite movies range from Remember the Titans to High School Musical; you wear your lax club team apparel all the time because you are so proud to be part of it, but also rock pink Vans. You love gadgets and figuring out the way things work; taking care of baby cousins, asking questions, and studying French vocab words before bed. You are competitive and clever, sweet and serious, strong and sensitive, and a natural at everything you try (totally normal to just randomly decide to be a really good goalie one day). You continue to know a little about a whole lot and we love that you are always willing to give something new a chance.

You still haven’t stopped asking me to scratch your back before you go to sleep and I’m going to keep hanging on to that for as long as I can.

None of us were sad yesterday to turn into your school lap top and say goodbye forever to your hybrid school schedule. You are very much looking forward to a normal year next year and thriving on consistency. We are so proud of the way you overcame the half-virtual schedule challenge and figured out the best set up to help you succeed from home. You finished each trimester with straight A’s, loved your teacher, and are looking forward to seeing your best buddies every day in the fall instead of every other week.

In the early spring, you tried out for club lacrosse and mid-way through the first practice you were told to go play with the 5th graders instead of 4th. I could see the smirk of satisfaction through your helmet, and all season long you have enjoyed being a leader on your U10 rec team, and then challenging and proving yourself playing Club with the older boys. You are so excited for the summer tournament schedule!

You asked to go to Costa Rica for your 10th birthday trip with Daddy and I because your criteria was “a lot of adventure, but also very relaxing, a super fancy hotel, really good food, and a beach that is fun but also pretty” – a perfect place for a personality like yours (And we can’t wait to get that special time with you!).

You are such a good brother and friend, and we couldn’t be more in awe of the young man you are becoming. We love talking to you about music, coaching and watching you play sports, sharing your love of the ocean, hearing about all your ideas and inventions, and supporting your entrepreneurial spirit.

We love you for being so creative, passionate, unique, intelligent, amusing, athletic, hard-working and nurturing.

It is such an honor to watch you grow – Happy Birthday, Bennett Paul!

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