Friendship, Respect, Prudence

Today marks the last day of the strangest 15 months of school (hopefully) ever. We made it through though with very loving loving and hardworking teachers, very little quarantine, and one kind of patient mom. I was so proud of the boys’ resilience, and know that one day we will realize that this one of a kind experience gave them great life lessons in self management, organization and the important of a good work environment.

But before we head into summer fun, I wanted to share some recognition the boys received throughout the year.

Each month, their school focuses on a different value and a student from each class is chosen who represents that value well. I always love hearing what their teachers have to share about them and the little insight to how they are behaving when we are not around.

Congrats to Cullen for his commitment to bring a good friend, Bennett for being respectful and Wells for his prudence. Keep up the hard work boys and always remember that above all else, being a good human is what you should be striving for!


Cullen’s teacher wrote: “Sharing a mutual love for a neighbor that seeks, as its end, the good of the other is what friendship truly means.  Cullen displays the highest qualities of friendship day-in and day-out without seeking reward or attention.”

Bennett’s teacher shared: “Bennett embodies the virtue of respect every day in our class family. Respect means to appreciate and accept someone for who they are, and Bennett shows this unwavering respect to his classmates every day, whether he is learning virtually or in person. He excels in showing patience, is a great listener, and sets a great example for others. Bennett is always offering to help his classmates organize their desks and gives everyone around him great care and attention. Thank you, Bennett, for being a great example!”

And Wells: “Wells sets a wonderful example of showing the virtue of prudence in our class. Wells makes positive choices, is respectful to his teachers and classmates, and encourages others to pay attention and listen throughout the day. Wells truly cares about his classmates and it shows each day!!”

Thank you to our amazing staff, teachers, administrators and especially our school nurse for making this year possible, safe and smooth. We are very blessed to be part of our school family and look forward to all 4 boys being there next year in Kindergarten, 3rd, 5th and 7th!

Now, time to put the uniforms, backpacks and home-desks away – Bring on Summer!

PS – If you missed Bennett’s birthday tribute over the weekend, you can catch up on our big 10 year old here.

I love to hear from you!

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