Scenes from Summer

Is it just us or is this summer flying by faster than usual for anyone else? I really can’t believe we are at the end of July already!

So what have we been up to?

If we are insta friends (@katetellsstories) then you know there has been a whole lot of lacrosse going on. This is the first summer season we’ve done club lax and Bennett managed to convince us to let him play too. In our head’s that was going to be really simple because surely since they play for the same club, they would play at the same tournaments and we would make some fun family weekends out of it. Well, that wasn’t the case and it turned out that the one weekend C’s team didn’t play, B’s team did. And another weekend B had off, C was in Delaware. And then one really fun one where they WERE at the same tournament…but at different complexes 30 minutes away from each other so we had to split up all day anyway. Plus because we are big old suckers for the lax passion, there were also two weekends Cullen’s team was off but he was asked to play with another team within the club who were short players and he did that too (one we were there with Bennett already so it was easy). But with all that said, I love watching them play so much and their love of the game has only grown.

However, we were able to squeeze in some special things in-between games, including making a family weekend for a tournament in Williamsburg with Marme, extra time with cousins on the sidelines since Uncle Tommy coaches one of the high school teams within the same club, and had some quality time with Wells and Griffin at home while the big boys were gone. W and G also got their own weekend at Nana and Pop’s while Kev and I traveled together with the boys. It’s been a whirlwind but we made a lot of great memories along the way!

While lacrosse seemed to consume most of summer, we have had time to do other things we well! There have been trips to the farm, visits with Nana and Pop, and neighborhood parties.

We did some local field trips like the newly opened Museum of the Army, ice skating at Mt Vernon Rec Center, and the ever-favorite National Zoo. The Museum of the Army was really well done and since it outlines Army conflicts through present day, the boys brought up a lot of questions about Kev’s time overseas that they had not previously asked. We are hoping to go back with him (and Pop!) one day soon so they can talk through things together.

It has been the summer of the “snack tray” because I feel like all I do is feed people all day long so sometimes by the time dinner comes along, this is all I got (sorry Kev).

And outside of all the things on the schedule, we’ve been at the pool almost daily, played flag football, spent time with cousins, had so many brother basement sleepovers, have not gotten any haircuts, passed out 100s of ice pops to all the kids who hang in our yard (I love it), read books, played games, watched a lot of movies, stayed up too late, slept in a ton and just let them be kids in the summer.

Finally, some highlights on video (basically, they couldn’t stop playing lacrosse even when they weren’t slated to be at practice/Griffin hasn’t gotten dressed all summer/there’s still a lot of wrestling)

So when you write it all out like that, it is no wonder it is going by quickly. I am grasping onto the time as much as possible though because I can see their teenage years inching so much closer and know the true childhood summers with all 4 of them in a pack are going to be over before I know it. We still have a few weeks to go and some more fun to be had so it isn’t quite over yet, but I am glad to at least get this documented.

Love you boys more than you will ever know!

Friendship, Respect, Prudence

Today marks the last day of the strangest 15 months of school (hopefully) ever. We made it through though with very loving loving and hardworking teachers, very little quarantine, and one kind of patient mom. I was so proud of the boys’ resilience, and know that one day we will realize that this one of a kind experience gave them great life lessons in self management, organization and the important of a good work environment.

But before we head into summer fun, I wanted to share some recognition the boys received throughout the year.

Each month, their school focuses on a different value and a student from each class is chosen who represents that value well. I always love hearing what their teachers have to share about them and the little insight to how they are behaving when we are not around.

Congrats to Cullen for his commitment to bring a good friend, Bennett for being respectful and Wells for his prudence. Keep up the hard work boys and always remember that above all else, being a good human is what you should be striving for!


Cullen’s teacher wrote: “Sharing a mutual love for a neighbor that seeks, as its end, the good of the other is what friendship truly means.  Cullen displays the highest qualities of friendship day-in and day-out without seeking reward or attention.”

Bennett’s teacher shared: “Bennett embodies the virtue of respect every day in our class family. Respect means to appreciate and accept someone for who they are, and Bennett shows this unwavering respect to his classmates every day, whether he is learning virtually or in person. He excels in showing patience, is a great listener, and sets a great example for others. Bennett is always offering to help his classmates organize their desks and gives everyone around him great care and attention. Thank you, Bennett, for being a great example!”

And Wells: “Wells sets a wonderful example of showing the virtue of prudence in our class. Wells makes positive choices, is respectful to his teachers and classmates, and encourages others to pay attention and listen throughout the day. Wells truly cares about his classmates and it shows each day!!”

Thank you to our amazing staff, teachers, administrators and especially our school nurse for making this year possible, safe and smooth. We are very blessed to be part of our school family and look forward to all 4 boys being there next year in Kindergarten, 3rd, 5th and 7th!

Now, time to put the uniforms, backpacks and home-desks away – Bring on Summer!

PS – If you missed Bennett’s birthday tribute over the weekend, you can catch up on our big 10 year old here.


Bennett has gone and turned double digits on us today. Ten! I can’t believe it.

A few things from his point of view:

Favorite food: Filet Min- Duck (his own creation that we have yet to make, but planning on it tomorrow!)

Favorite color: Light blue

Favorite thing to do: Definitely not Wordly Wise. Lacrosse, duh.

Biggest accomplishment of 9: I finished all my Wordly Wises

Favorite subject: PE

What makes you laugh? Myself and the Dragon from Raya and the Last Dragon (we just watched it last night, she was very funny.)

What are makes you happy? My guitar

Favorite Song: I like a lot of music

Dream college: UNC

Dream job: Lacrosse player or a rock star

Eight Nine

Best Memory from the past year: Club Lacrosse

Choose three words to best describe yourself: (With a fit of giggles) I’m Hilarious, Perfectly Handsome and Fascinating


Bubby, my darling boy,

I honestly can’t believe it has been ten years since we welcomed you into the world. I’ve told you before, but all anyone’s births yours was the most emotional because it revealed just how deep our capacity was to love another human. You have enriched our family so much and I am forever grateful for the gift that is you.

One of my most favorite things about you is that you have always been so confident in who you are.

You definitely don’t limit yourself to being in one box and at any moment you could be ripping shots on the lacrosse goal, or looking up recipes to bake a cake, or mixing oil paints to create a masterpiece or jamming to classic rock songs on your guitar. Your favorite movies range from Remember the Titans to High School Musical; you wear your lax club team apparel all the time because you are so proud to be part of it, but also rock pink Vans. You love gadgets and figuring out the way things work; taking care of baby cousins, asking questions, and studying French vocab words before bed. You are competitive and clever, sweet and serious, strong and sensitive, and a natural at everything you try (totally normal to just randomly decide to be a really good goalie one day). You continue to know a little about a whole lot and we love that you are always willing to give something new a chance.

You still haven’t stopped asking me to scratch your back before you go to sleep and I’m going to keep hanging on to that for as long as I can.

None of us were sad yesterday to turn into your school lap top and say goodbye forever to your hybrid school schedule. You are very much looking forward to a normal year next year and thriving on consistency. We are so proud of the way you overcame the half-virtual schedule challenge and figured out the best set up to help you succeed from home. You finished each trimester with straight A’s, loved your teacher, and are looking forward to seeing your best buddies every day in the fall instead of every other week.

In the early spring, you tried out for club lacrosse and mid-way through the first practice you were told to go play with the 5th graders instead of 4th. I could see the smirk of satisfaction through your helmet, and all season long you have enjoyed being a leader on your U10 rec team, and then challenging and proving yourself playing Club with the older boys. You are so excited for the summer tournament schedule!

You asked to go to Costa Rica for your 10th birthday trip with Daddy and I because your criteria was “a lot of adventure, but also very relaxing, a super fancy hotel, really good food, and a beach that is fun but also pretty” – a perfect place for a personality like yours (And we can’t wait to get that special time with you!).

You are such a good brother and friend, and we couldn’t be more in awe of the young man you are becoming. We love talking to you about music, coaching and watching you play sports, sharing your love of the ocean, hearing about all your ideas and inventions, and supporting your entrepreneurial spirit.

We love you for being so creative, passionate, unique, intelligent, amusing, athletic, hard-working and nurturing.

It is such an honor to watch you grow – Happy Birthday, Bennett Paul!

Wells Makes His First Communion

Over the weekend our Wells made a big step in his faith by making his First Holy Communion! I’ve loved this sacrament for the boys, as it is their first opportunity to really be part of the process and prepare in their own way to accept God’s love for them. Wells worked hard all year learning more about the Eucharist, making his First Confession, and attending his retreat at school with his classmates.

So when Saturday rolled around, he was more than ready (and we made a deal that he could keep growing his hair out, as long as I could use gel for this moment – look how dapper he looks!).

We were so blessed to have his great-grandma, grandparents, and godparents (including his Godmother, Kate, who *just* moved here last week from Kentucky and could make it!) in attendance, and know that one very special Papa was watching over him as he was chosen to read the Psalm to the congregation during the Mass.

Back when Cullen made his First Communion I wrote that:

As we left the church, Grandma turned to me and expressed how amazing it was that she got to experience a 4th generation First Communion. Her statement made me realize just how amazing the whole thing is. It is bigger than our son. Bigger than just our family… It is a moment that children all over the world, in countless languages have experienced in the same way. It is a moment that he had, and we did, and our parents, and our grandparents, and back and back and back. How incredible is that?”

And as we left Wells’ mass I reflected on that moment and said a prayer of thanks for the chance to have it again for the third time with one of our children because I still think it is pretty amazing that this tradition lives on.


We are so proud of you! You are such a unique, free spirited and amazing kid. You took your First Communion prep so seriously and I think one of my favorite parts of the day was Marme said she saw you silent clap each one of your friends as they walked by after receiving the host. You find so much joy in other people’s happiness and I pray that you will always find energy in that. We love you so much and are so happy you accepted this gift and will continue to grow in God’s love and light.

We love you so, so much and are so lucky to be able to walk this path with you as you grow!

Congrats Wells – May God bless and watch over you always!


And just like that, Cullen woke up this morning as a 12-year-old!


His yearly interview:

Favorite food: Duck from a fancy restaurant

Color: Purple

Subject: Social Studies (but I’m really good at Math)

{Birth, OneTwoThreeFourFiveSix, Seven}

Biggest Accomplishment: Making the TC 2026 team (lacrosse)

Best part of the day: When school is over

Favorite song: Wave of You by the Surfaces

Favorite book: Maze Runner, but whatever book I’m reading at that time

Makes you laugh: Griffin (that’s two years running)

In my free time I: Lacrosse

Good at: Lacrosse

Dream college: UNC

Dream job: Sports player or an engineer

What makes you happy: Lacrosse and being with my family

Best memory from the past year: Lacrosse and basketball season, especially because I got to play basketball with so many friends


Cullen, my darling,

I can’t believe you are 12 already, but at the same time watching you grow into the wonderful young man you are has been such an honor. We couldn’t be more proud of the person are becoming!

You continued this year on a hybrid school schedule and somewhere in the middle of it, I found myself so grateful for the extra time with you. Big kid years go by so fast and I know the next few will be no exception so having you around during the day a little bit longer is time I know I will never get back.

Speaking of school, you are crushing it. The other day you asked to check your grades and said “I have a 96 in math” – I replied “Good work!” and you looked up and said “That’s my lowest grade, I’m trying to get it higher, that’s why I checked.” You are able to focus despite the commotion of the brothers at home too, self manage your virtual schedule, and apparently are aiming for perfect scores.

As noted in your interview above, the biggest thing for you this year was lacrosse. After losing it last spring due to COVID, you jumped into a new club team last fall and were pulled up to play on the 7th grade team. That was big and scary for me and incredibly exciting for you. This spring, that team went up to the AAA division and between that and rec league, you are currently playing 6 days a week. It has been humbling and challenging playing with an older and very talented team, but you push yourself everyday to become a better player. When I asked you if you wanted to do anything special for your birthday your answer was “Get good playing time and win our playoff game this weekend” (so if anyone wants to send vibes that he gets his birthday wish, feel free to send that up.). I rarely find you without your stick in your hand and love that you love the game so much.

I love chatting with you on our way to HOCO games, even if I don’t really care how many triple doubles Russell Westbrook has or who the top AAA lacrosse team in Pennsylvania is, I promise I will always listen to all the stats because you find them interesting. You still love to read, are earning money by mowing lawns, introducing us to new music every day, and getting wittier by the second. You also still find lots of time to just be a kid and love exploring the woods, catching frogs and snakes, and running around the neighborhood with your crew of friends.

Above all else, my favorite thing about you is your heart. You are a wonderful big brother, super responsible and dependable, kind in your words and actions, and a friend to everyone. You are a quiet leader and competitive hard worker, but you also do everything you do with a smile on your face.

We love you so much and still can’t believe we were chosen to be the parents of such an amazing kid.

Keep growing so well, inside and out, my son.

Happy Birthday, Cullen James!

Beach without Kids/Beach with Kids

Since I finally got around to adding pictures to our Easter story, figured we could stick with playing catch up and share a little trip Kev and I got to go on a few weeks ago, and our mini-spring break adventure.


Kev’s 40th birthday was at the beginning of April and for years we planned to go on a big adults only trip to celebrate. However, as the time got closer, even with travel and countries opening back up, we (I) were just too nervous that we would go away to a resort and get stuck in quarantine. So we looked around at heading down to Florida, Charleston or Savannah but since we still want to do longer big trip for down the road, we opted to save on travel time and do a quick weekend in VA Beach.

Because of various circumstances, it had actually been more than 4 years since we spent more than one night away kidless so getting a whole weekend (especially after this year) was such a treat. As I shared in our Day in the Life, Kev is gone all day and then we often have to split up at night and on the weekends to get the boys to all the things. Our personal time together is pretty limited to morning coffee and post-kid-bedtime chat so 3 days of just talking to each other was incredibly refreshing.

We lucked out with absolutely gorgeous and unseasonably warm weather were able to visit a brewery on the way down, sit by the beach, have several ridiculous meals, went on a bourbon tasting tour and enjoyed the ambiance of The Cavalier Hotel where we stayed.

I even took a nap. Yep, actually turned my brain off and just slept in the sun. It was amazing.

At home we were incredibly grateful for Marme, and then Nana and Pop for holding down the fort. We so lucky to have such generous grandparents to pitch in and give us a little break. (And even better, the boys enjoy the extra time with them too!)

Hopefully next year we will have more flexibility to head to the Carribean but for now, truly appreciated the time together and chance to do something different. Thanks Nana, Pop and Marme for helping us make it happen!


After this trip, we followed up with the Easter weekend at the farm, and then left that Sunday for the other playground we are super happy we have access to – Nana and Pop’s beach condo! Starting last November, our school had a rule in place where if we traveled out of state the boys would have be be all virtual for a certain amount of time before they could come back in building, but shortly before this break, that rule was lifted so we were off!

We stopped on the way down to visit Uncle Mike, Aunt Cassie and Baby Luke and took one kinda terrible picture. But we enjoyed catching up, playing cornhole, watching Luke’s new crawling skills and having some gourmet steaks for dinner. Thanks for having us!

Then we kept going and got to Emerald Isle just in time for the boys to jump in the pool for a night swim before it closed.

A couple of years ago, I wrote that “We made it” when it came to vacationing, but little did I know that where we are right now is the real dream. All 4 being able to swim without assistance? Can go to the beach ahead of us and carry all their own stuff? No coming back up for naps or diaper changes? And they are older enough to get my jokes and dry sense of humor? We’ve really, really made it.

It was such an easy and relaxing trip: lots of time in the sun and sand, some crazy boys (and a man) who went into the freezing cold ocean, beach games, board games, an outing to the aquarium and out to lunch for Kev’s actual birthday, and a random marathon of all the High School Musical movies which we had never seen. The boys are such fun ages right now – I just want to soak it all up (and also, forget to get in my own vacation pics).

My favorite part, however, was surprising Kev with a 45 minute long video from compiled of messages from friends and family far and wide wishing him a happy birthday. We know how amazing he is, but hearing from so many people how he has impacted and enriched their lives was so special to all of us (great parenting Nana and Pop!). It was funny, sentimental and heartwarming and the perfect way to end a great few days!

And now reminiscing on both these trip has put me in a great mood for the weekend.

Love you, my little family!

Easter at the Farm

(Better late than never, right?)

Since the anniversary of my Dad’s death is April 8th, the past two Easters have taken on a bit of a different meaning to me as we continue to mourn the loss of Fritz’s life on Earth and celebrate the gift of his life in Heaven. And after not being able to be together last Easter due to stay at home orders, we were extremely grateful for all our health and the ability to keep Fritz’s memory alive by having a Farm weekend just the way he would have wanted.

There was meat-smoking, beer drinking, music playing, grandkids driving things and one happy Marme who actually sat down for a second with a drink and was able to take it all in.

^^^^It is so much fun watching these cousins grow together! Can you tell just a bit that they are related?

Thank you Marme and Papa for such a fun place to play!

A Day in the Life: Virtual School Edition

It has been several years since I shared a day in our life but with the end of the COVID school year on the horizon and the plan for August for them to be in full time 5 days a week, I just wanted to make sure I documented what these days were like for the family history book. I’ve started and stopped this post so many times, the pictures aren’t all from the exact same day, but still capture what our daily virtue routine is like.


We start, as we always do, with pipping hot black coffee.

Since we moved back into our house last spring that is closer to everything and we no longer have kids who wake us up, but rather we have to kick them out of bed, the alarm goes off around 6:30 for me. Kev is already up and out for a run so I check email and the kids’ zoom schedules for the day (Spoiler alert: Between the 3 boys it looks something like this: 8:15, 8:25, 8:45, 9:40, 10:05, 10:30, 11:15, 12:05, 12:30, 1:15, 1:45, 2:00). When Kev gets back we have coffee together and talk about the day’s coming events, then he goes to get ready for work. In our COVID world, he was home for those original two weeks back last March and but then went back into the office like normal over a year ago.

The big boys come down one by one and grab a breakfast snack and zone out to the TV for a bit. We are on a hybrid schedule and have been since the beginning of the year so the boys are in-person every other day. While they relax, I get dressed and while I ventured into the bright colors of Florida for a hot second, I’m back to my staple black/navy/olive green/gray DC wardrobe (and really need to clean my mirror).

(Before recording the rest of our day, I have to stop here to commend their teachers for the amazing way they have balanced it all. We know the teachers are working in overdrive and have been super grateful for a fluid and healthy school year so far!)

At 8:15 the first round of zooms start and the boys have to be separated for the beginning part of the day or else they will get cranky with the competing noise (I’ve offered headphones, but apparently they are very annoying). Cullen works completely independently, Wells is completely co-dependent and has to be right next to me to ensure that he is being neat and following directions, and Bennett hid his guitar in his lap when I snapped this picture as if I couldn’t hear rifts of Free Bird from coming from his room with the door shut when he was supposed to be watching a history lesson. Virtual School!

Once the big boys are engaged in their classes, it is time to wake up Griffin. Bless him, we are so busy in the evenings he just rolls along with the crew and goes to bed much later than a 5 year old should so the extra time in the morning to catch up on z’s is much needed. He also gets a little TV time and then is off to school. His preschool opened way back last summer and has not had to shut down at all this year, so again, very thankful for that. He goes only in the mornings but 5 days a week so that definitely makes things a little easier for managing the boys’ and my schedule.

Back at home, once I am sure all the big boys are focused in their zooms, I sign into my work and check on things and see what is on my plate for the day. I actually think the last time I shared “a day in the life” I had just gotten my new job, but here we are 4.5 years and a lot of hours later with the same company. I only work part-time but the flexibility to use my brain outside of mothering and extra money for tuition has been such a blessing.

Marketing with a side of 4th grade math

We have a full morning zooming, social media sourcing, slacking, snacking and laundry (Team Do Laundry Every Day), and by the time I need to leave to get G, the boys take a break with some Madden and lacrosse drills.

When I get back from pick up, we eat lunch then break back out for afternoon zooms and a conference call for me. G gets in on the zoom action too – Thanks to virtual school, I think everyone will know who he is come next year when he is in the building for Kindergarten!

Once our school day is wrapped up, there is a little wrestling and a trip to the library.

Afterwards, I drop them off in the woods near our house where they love to hang out and build forts with their friends, while I go back home to check a few more messages, straighten up, prep dinner, and get ready for a full slate of lacrosse practices that night.

After losing lacrosse last spring, we couldn’t be more delighted for the boys to be able to play again this year. However, because we are involved in several leagues, it does make for a rather crazy schedule; we have something (and often multiple somethings) every day of the week. This particular day we have B’s practice (which Kev is the coach for) from 5:30 – 7, Wells from 6-7 and Cullen 6:30-8. We get everyone where they need to be in time and have a rotating dinner in between shifts.

(Also big shout out to our programs and teams for getting safely up and running. The boys are so much happier with sports in their life!)

After practice is showers, a show, backpack packing for the next day in-person, a little dessert and any homework we need to catch up on.

Then, because it was a late practice night, around 9pm we finally rally everyone upstairs for bedtime. There is some Daddy-dentist, short story time, prayers, and light’s out. (Although Cullen can stay up a later and watch sports for a bit or reads. Wells is often caught using the hallway light to read too, but I’ll still call it bedtime).

Kev and I do one last sweep of the house, and I switch the laundry and prep school lunches for the next day, wrap up anything I didn’t get to from my work day, while he answers emails from his college business analytics class that he teaches (because that is also happening in his “free” time). We finally crash on the couch, have a conversation about our own days, watch a mindless show and are in bed by 11:00 – feeling appreciative for all the extra time I’ve had with the boys this year, but also grateful they will be in-person tomorrow.

Love you, boys – thanks for being such good students during the COVID adventure!

What happened to the Dragons

{Asked while G was in the bath playing with all his dragon toys}

Hey Griffin, what happened to the dragons?

You don’t even know this?? So here’s what happened: You know how birds are ancestors to dinosaurs? Well, when some of the big dinosaurs went extinct but the pteranodons and pterosaurs were still flying, they kinda evolved into big super flying dinosaurs that weren’t like today’s birds but were like a hybrid dino/bird with the same kind of skeleton. But then there was a time after the dinosaurs went extinct but before the Ice Age happened and I am pretty sure thats when the dragons lived. They were able to escape the astroid because they could fly and then hide in caves, like the one you found in Iceland, but then they realized they didn’t like hiding so they flew away to other places where they found out there were humans. Some found castles and others decided to live with Vikings. Heroes really liked to have a dragon sidekick because they were cooler than a horse. But then time kept going and animals are always evolving and I think the dragons were just too scary for the people so they eventually either became regular like birds, or super cool birds like bald eagles, or they lost their wings and became hippos or elephants or rhinos. And that’s why we can’t see a real life dragon today.

Does that answer your question?


(And writing this down reminded me of a throw back story to Cullen at age 3 telling me what happened to the dinosaurs – Love their little brains)

Mom! He’s naked in my zoom! (And other things said and heard around here)

I used to call this Quarterly Quotes, but I also used to blog in a timely manner so instead, just welcome to things I’ve written down and some funny insta-stories you may have missed. It’s wild and weird around here but we wouldn’t have it any other way.


He’s not an angel – he’s a fraud!

Hate to break it to you bro, but you are going to have to wipe your own bum before Kindergarten. Oh, and learn how to use a belt. Good luck.

Can I have a lighter and some of the fuzzy stuff from the dryer? I want to try something.

I didn’t hit him, I just pushed his face and then he fell backwards!

If I can hear you playing FreeBird on your guitar from the kitchen, then there is no way you can hear your math zoom from in your room!

It’s okay mom, you can tell them I’m your favorite.

I fell and broke my bum crack.

I can’t wake up yet, I haven’t decided what kind of animal I am going to hatch into.

I didn’t kick him! He ran into my foot!

Ooooh look, cute Christmas masks!…. wow, who would have thought this time last year that would be cause for excitement.

As your mom, I shouldn’t make those kind of jokes or say “grown ass” in front of you… but you have to admit that was funny.

Well I didn’t exactly lose my teeth because they were ready, I kinda ran into a metal pole playing flashlight tag and then they got more loose.

“Peck the balls with lots of Holly fa-la-la”… that’s not how it goes.

Mom! He’s naked in my zoom!

Mom! No I’m not! I’m only half naked, I have shorts on!

I’m not your waitress.

Sorry Mommy, Daddy’s my number 1 now because I got a popsicle before school.

Baby’s first Covid test – is there a sticker for that?

They call me laser gun on the ga-ga ball court.

Mommy, that lego building is terrible, but you tried your best so I won’t just break it down while you are watching.

Hey Marme, how are you? I have a bug bite that makes it look like I have 3 nipples.

Don’t hit him while he is tinkling.

Mommy, watch and learn.

I know you like to give hugs, but I feel like we need to come up with a handshake.

I rubbed Griff’s belly and made 3 wishes.

It’s not called a commercial, it’s called an ad.

Daddy waved to me when he came out of the bathroom but I just snuck back under the covers so he wouldn’t realize I slept in your bed again.

Is there a bruise on my face? I ran into the tree.

I’m still kinda confused how you go pee without a penis.

I need a different mask, this once doesn’t match my look.

Why did you…nevermind.. let me just get the scissors.

I put on way too much deodorant; now I have to go shower because I smell too much in the other direction.

Oh good news! I didn’t poop in my undies, I just didn’t get all the toilet paper off my bum!

Put a helmet on if you are going to let him shoot that hard!

{Apologize for hurting your brother please.} I’m sorry I boxed you out and got the ball.

Mom!! Have you seen my cup? I have to get to practice and I’m not borrowing his!

Watch out, I’ve got a motherload.

For my birthday dinner, I want Filet-MignDuck. That’s like a really good filet mignon with really good roasted duck on top.


And now movie clips going all the way back to last summer!